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What you'll learn

  • core bash principles and commands - how commands work; basic commands and how to combine them; common problems and just what is 'sudo' anyway?
  • how to find, edit and manipulate files via bash - find, grep, vim... strange names, powerful tools for next-level productivity
  • handling common web development tools - problems running things like NPM, SCSS and Grunt often have simple bash solutions
  • customising your bash prompt - for efficiency and fun
  • creating simple shell scripts - you'll be amazed how often this is useful

The workshop focuses on things you need to know to be confident on the command line, and to get things done working on the web. The training is built from the ground up to suit web designers, developers and all-rounders.

What you'll need

This is a hands-on workshop so bring a laptop - Mac, Linux or Windows. On Mac or Linux, the default Terminal should be sufficient.

Windows users will need to install Cygwin, or if you're using Windows 10, enable WSL (aka. Bash-on-Ubuntu-on-Windows). See workshop preparation for full details.

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