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Why learn bash?

The bash command line is ubiquitous in modern web and sofware development. Whenever you use OSX Terminal, for example, you are using bash.

Despite its popularity, many people find it complex and even a little scary. Thankfully it's easy to learn and almost ridiculously fun. Bash is a super power for designers and devs alike.

You should attend if...

  • You're a web developer or designer and want to improve your command line skills
  • You work with developers and want to be able to run the site/app on your own machine
  • You're tired of using disparate GUI tools in your web workflow
  • You're familiar with another CLI like Powershell and want to learn bash
  • You have a Raspberry Pi and want to know how to deal with the Terminal

What you'll learn

  • core bash principles and commands
  • how to find, edit and manipulate files via bash
  • handling common web development tools
  • customising your prompt for productivity
  • creating simple shell scripts
  • and more...

What you'll need

This is a hands-on workshop so bring a laptop - Mac, Linux or Windows. See workshop preparation for full details.


Veteran web developer Ben Buchanan learned bash the hard way, so you don't have to. Ben will take you past the traps and show you the tricks that make bash useful.

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